The first European Wine Day on 27 October in Toulouse

AREV, Farm Europe and the Coopératives Viticoles Françaises, in collaboration with Iter Vitis and RECEVIN, are organising the first European Wine Day on 27 October in Toulouse.

Toulouse, which has been designated European City of Wine in 2023, is the ideal place to welcome representatives of the European institutions, the regions of Europe and the Member States, the wine sector and academia, to discuss the major challenges facing the wine sector.

Yet the challenges facing the wine world are many: the economic crisis, increasingly sustainable viticultural practices, changing consumer trends, health claims and regulatory restrictions.
The debates on this full-day devoted to European wine will be organised around three panels focusing on three areas that are crucial to understanding the wine sector, its challenges and its potential: societal, agricultural and economic aspects.

FIRST PANEL: Viticulture, between constraints and solutions. 

Viticulture is facing the effects of climate change, with an increase in drought and extreme weather phenomena that are worsening the risk of plant diseases and reducing productivity. At the same time, the European Union is proposing, through new regulations, to drastically reduce the use of plant protection products. How can the European wine sector play a part in these developments? Is a synthesis of environmental, economic and social considerations possible, or is it just a utopian dream? What paths should we take, and what tools should we use?  What prospects are offered by precision farming, digitisation and New Genomic Techniques?

SECOND PANEL – Societal perception: wine deserves better than a battleground.

Wine is a central part of European history and culture, but societal perceptions are changing: there is a greater emphasis on quality and a greater awareness of the health aspects of food. To reflect this, wine labelling is also changing: energy and ingredient claims will soon appear on the label (both physical and dematerialised), and health warnings are the subject of much debate. Does the health of Europeans require a new relationship with wine, a renewed information and education policy, or – as some suggest – a hygienist approach? 

THIRD PANEL European and world markets: driving or being driven by change? 

To anticipate changes in consumption and production, it is important to understand the dynamics underway on the European and world markets, with import and export flows constantly changing, both in terms of quantity and value. 
What will be produced tomorrow for what type of consumption?  How is consumption changing, not just in terms of quantity but also in terms of the type of product on offer? Is there just one type of wine being consumed, or are there many? Are red wines destined to decline? Organic wines, sustainable wines, low-alcohol wines, alcohol-free wines… what does the future hold?


Réunion de travail RECEVIN de 17h à 18h30 (réservé aux adhérents
RECEVIN et ITER VITIS France) à la Mairie de Toulouse, Place du Capitole à Toulouse
Réception à la mairie de Toulouse, ville européenne du vin 2023, à

EUROPEAN WINE DAY, Conseil Régional d’Occitanie,
22, boulevard du Maréchal-Juin à Toulouse

  • 8h00 Accueil des participants
  • 8h30 Ouverture de la Journée européenne du vin
  • 9h30 Première table ronde : La viticulture, entre contraintes et
  • 11h00 Pause-café
  • 11h30 Deuxième table ronde : Perception sociétale : le vin mérite mieux qu’un champ de bataille
  • 13h00 Pause déjeuner
  • 14h30 Troisième table ronde : Marchés européen et mondial :
    conduire ou subir les mutations?
  • 16h00 Conclusion
  • 18h00 Dégustation de vins et remise des Awards ITER VITIS
    Préfecture de Région, 1 place Saint-Etienne à Toulouse


  • Programme réservé aux adhérents de l’AREV ou aux Régions souhaitant rejoindre l’AREV
  • Assemblée Générale annuelle de l’AREV à 10h00
  • Déjeuner
  • Visite d’une Cave Coopérative
  • Programme réservé aux adhérents d’Iter Vitis
  • Assemblée Générale annuelle d’ITER VITIS à 10 heures à FRONTON
  • Déjeuner
    They have already confirmed their participation:
    Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie Region ;  
    Emiliano Garcia Pages, President of Castilla la Mancha and President of AREV; 
    Members of the European Parliament : 
  • Iréne Tolleret, (Renew Europe) 
  • Anne Sander (EPP) 
  • Juan Ignacio Zoido Alvarez (EPP) 
  • Paolo De Castro (S&D) 
    Louis Teisseidre, Professor – University of Bordeaux ;
    Luca Rigotti, Chairman of the wine group Copa Cogeca & Chairman of the wine sector of the Alliance of Italian Wine Cooperatives;
    Emanuela Panke, President of the Iter Vitis Federation; 
    Yves Madre, President of Farm Europe; 
    Elli Tsiforou, CEO GAIA; 
    Joel Boueilh, Chairman of the French Wine Cooperation and IVSO Co-Chairman ;
    Christophe Bou, IVSO Co-Chairman;
    Gabriele di Gaspero , Applied Genomics Institute ;
    Anastasia Gadolou, Director of Archaeological Sites, Greek Ministry of Culture; 
    Gabriele Castelli, FEDERVINI ; 
    Ludovic Roux, President of the Vignerons Coopérateurs d’Occitanie and Vice President of the Copa-Cogeca wine group;
    Daniel Murphy, international wine trader;
    Laurent Delaunay, CEO Badet Clément;
    Matilde Poggi, president of the European independent winegrowers