The union and the strength of the European Wine Cities is the tool that we have to defend with one voice the interests of the European local administrations economically linked to the wine.

We are represented in 11 countries in Europe

Recevin – European Network of Wine Cities was created in 2009 with the aim of defending, with a single voice, the interests of territories whose economy and culture are strongly associated with wine. Recevin provides a common platform to exchange experiences, contacts and partnership.
RECEVIN has the support of the National Wine Associations present in most of the 11 country members of the network (Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Serbia), that result in the strength of nearly 600 cities across Europe.

Main objectives:

  • to defend the richness of wine regions and their designations of origin;
  • reinforce its political action in order to intensify its reputation and presence with the European institutions;
  • give voice to wine regions in the European Parliament;
  • increase synergies with the Assembly of European Viticultural Regions (AREV) and the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV).

Board of Directors

We want to be the voice of wine cities in Europe. Spain currently has the presidency of Recevin. Portugal and Italy are vice-presidents.

Rosa Melchior
President of the Spanish Assembly of Wine Municipalities (Acevin) and Mayor of Alcazar San Juan (Spain)

Luis Encarnação
President of the Association of Portuguese Wine Municipalities (AMPV) and Mayor of Lagoa (Portugal)
Angelo Radica
President of the Città del Vino Association and Mayor of Tollo (Italy)

Álvaro Amaro
Mayor of Palmela (AMPV, Portugal)

General secretary
Anabela Caeiro (AMPV)

ACEVIN representatives (Spain)
Rafael Llamas Salas – Mayor of Montilla
Sergio Ortiz Gutiérrez – Mayor of Cariñena
Víctor Lorenzo Abelleira Argibay – Mayor of Cambados

Representatives of Città del Vino (Italy)
Andrea Marrucci – Mayor of San Gimignano
Floriano Zambom – Conegliano
Marco Razzano – Sant’ Agata de Goti

AMPV representatives (Portugal)
Francisco Manuel Lopes – Mayor of Lamego
Nuno Russo – Santarém

Laura Rodrigues – Mayor of Torres Vedras (Portugal)
Valentim Pinto Miranda – Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal)


Recevin provides a common platform for exchanging experiences, contacts and partnerships.

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