Opening of the European Wine City 2024 – Piemonte and Monferrato

The European Wine City 2024 – Alto Piemonte and Gran Monferrato received representatives from RECEVIN and other partner entities on the 1st and 2nd of March. At this meeting, the main activities that will mark this year and that will promote the rich heritage related to wine were presented.

On March 1st, the RECEVIN Board of Directors meeting and the plenary meeting with institutional bodies, mayors and delegations were held, to present the event program “Alto Piemonte Gran Monferrato European Wine City 2024”.

Participants visited Acqui Terme, Ovada and Casale Monferrato. Rosa Melchor, president of RECEVIN and the Spanish association ACEVIN, and the Portuguese Anabela Caeiro, general secretary of RECEVIN, were present at this event.
During 2024, the European Wine City 2024 will implement a vast program of activities to promote the territory, which is very rich in landscape, traditions, culture and quality wine production.

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Images by “Servizio Comunicazione – Comune di Acqui Terme”